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Beach Loving, Surfing, SUP, Yogi, Whole Food Plant Based, Eco Family living in Cornwall
💚🌿🌏 Passionate about the Planet, and each other!!

Whole Food Plant Based is probably the best description we can give as to how we feed our family, as the majority of our food is natural whole foods and plants. There is the odd occasion when we eat a bag of chips (in Mikey's case, quite often!!) at the beach, or whip up an Oumph Stir-Fry, or even throw a store bought veggie burger in the oven for convenience, but on the whole it's natural and cooked from scratch! What would you call this style of eating food? We call it 'PlantPure' and it definitely works for us!!

We started this website as a way to keep a record of the recipes we use often and also to inspire our friends and family - it's just our version of how we feed the people we love! We get a lot of satisfaction from nurturing our family and hopefully we can inspire you to do the same.

Peace, Plants & Ocean Vibes, 

Jacquie & Mikey xx

The PlantPureFamily!
Jacquie and Michael O'Neill

Yep! That's right! 4 daughters!!